COVID-19: Trolls flood the internet as Kanika Kapoor gets discharged from the hospital

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Agartala, Apr 06, 2020,

'Babydoll' singer Kanika Kapoor has finally been discharged from the hospital after testing negative in her sixth test. The popular singer, who had tested positive for COVID-19 in the first four attempts had tested negative in the fifth but the doctors wanted to keep be sure and therefore they did another test and waited for a few days before discharging her from the hospital.
Kanika, who was hospitalised on 20th March had returned from London and had even travelled to Kapur and Lucknow as well. Well, she might still run into some troubles after being discharged as there are 3 FIR's filed against her.

Kanika is the first Bollywood celebrity to be tested positive with the novel coronavirus. While she claimed that she was unaware of being down with it, three cases have been registered against her for her negligence.

Meanwhile, she had taken to social media earlier to narrate her story about how she developed symptoms but deleted after some time due to the negative response that she received for her carelessness.