Rishi Kapoor says liquor stores should open every evening: ‘Cops, doctors, civilians need some release’

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Agartala, Mar 28, 2020, Google News

Rishi Kapoor has still not run out of recommendations for the government. After suggesting that Emergency be imposed on the country again, he has now advised that liquor store should open every day for a few hours.

Rishi said that amid the coronavirus lockdown, cops, doctors and general public will need alcohol to take the edge off. “Think. Government should for sometime in the evening open all licensed liquor stores. Don’t get me wrong. Man will be at home only what with all this depression, uncertainty around. Cops,doctors,civilians etc... need some release. Black mein to sell ho hi raha hai,” he wrote in his tweet on Saturday.

Rishi is rumoured to have an alcohol problem and is often trolled on social media for it. Recently, he had warned Twitter users not to make fun of his lifestyle otherwise he would block them from his account.

But his latest tweet earned him more trolling. “Rich people think in a different trajectory altogether,” wrote one. “@MumbaiPolice this man is blackmarketing liquor !! Please arrest him,” read another comment.

One Twitter user also asked Rishi to tweet more responsibly and not recommend alcohol as a release for depression. “Please tweet responsibily and sensibly during #Covid_19 your immune system needs to be strong to deal with it. To heal faster. Kindly suggest people to eat healthy food refrain from alcohol for a while. Alcohol is not the solution for depression. Think different ppl look upto u,” they wrote.

Earlier this week, Rishi had posted his opinion on the lockdown. “One for all, all for one. Let us do what we have to do. We have no option. We will all keep one another busy and entertained for the coming time. No worries. No panic. Sala isko bhi dekh lenge. PM ji don’t worry we are with you! Jai Hind,” he had written. Commenting on his tweet, a user wrote: “Daaru Ka Kota Full Hai Na Chinto Chacha (Hope your booze stock is full Chintu uncle).”

Recently, Rishi Kapoor tweeted a picture of a funny looking man along with a text which reads, “5 days at home listening to the wife.” He captioned it: “On a lighter note! Side effects of the coronavirus.”