Cigarettes with Burmese betel nuts were seized in Lalai, 1 arrested

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Agartala, Jan 21, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Jan 21: Dhalai (Assam), January 21 (H.E.): Again Burmese cigarettes along with Burmese betel nuts were seized in Dhalai of Cachar district. On Friday, Dhalai police of Cachar district seized 160 kg of Burmese betel nuts along with 6 cartons of Burmese cigarettes from a Maruri van bearing AS-11B-3192.

It is known that the Maruti van was seized during the police check while coming from Mizoram to Cachar district. After that, Burmese goods were recovered by searching the car. It is reported that the goods, the Maruti van have been seized and the driver has been arrested.