Delegation Faces Obstruction in Sandeshkhali: Union Minister to File Complaint

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Agartala, Feb 17, 2024, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Feb 17: West Bengal’s Sandeshkhali witnessed a tense situation as a delegation of Members of Parliament, including Union Minister Pratima Bhoumik, encountered obstacles during their visit.

The central delegation faced resistance from local authorities, resulting in physical removal by the police. Expressing their discontent, the delegation sat on the road after the mistreatment.

 Union Minister Pratima Bhoumik announced her intention to file a complaint with the Governor of West Bengal in protest against the hindrance faced by the delegation.

 The incident is linked to allegations against Trinamool’s Shahjahan Sheikh and his team, who are accused of brutally mistreating women in the area over an extended period. Section 144 remains in effect in the region.

Earlier, a team comprising two Union Ministers and four MPs had traveled to Sandeshkhali on Friday, following instructions from BJP National President JP Nadda. However, state police prevented their entry just before reaching Sandeshkhali. Union Minister Pratima Bhoumik was part of this delegation. Union Minister Bhoumik questioned the basis for their obstruction. She pointed out that other dignitaries, including the Governor and the Chairman of the SC Commission, had visited the area without hindrance. She emphasized the need for equal treatment and demanded access for the delegation.

The delegation, including Union Ministers and MPs, expressed their strong disapproval of the Mamata Banerjee-led administration’s actions. Minister Bhoumik clarified that her visit was at the party president’s behest to assess the current situation in the area. Despite the presence of Section 144, she urged that two leaders should be allowed entry, a request denied by the police.

As tensions persist, the situation remains closely monitored, and further developments are awaited.