Gomati District Court Convicts Man for Rape and Abduction, Imposes Dual Sentences

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Agartala, Feb 19, 2024, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: February 18: In a significant legal development, the district and session court of Gomati district has pronounced Rajib Karmakar guilty of rape and abduction. The court handed down a dual sentence to Rajib Karmakar, reflecting the gravity of his crimes.

 Rajib Karmakar faced charges related to the abduction of his sister-in-law and forcible rape during their stay in Chennai.

According to the details of the incident, Rajib Karmakar, of the Phatik Sagar area of Amarpur, had a history of torturing his wife after their marriage. He also made inappropriate advances toward his sister-in-law, using her as leverage to manipulate his wife.

On June 3, 2021, Rajib forcibly abducted his sister-in-law and took her to Chennai, where he rented a house and lived with her under false pretenses. During their stay in Chennai, Rajib repeatedly raped his sister-in-law. A case was filed against Rajib at the Kankraban police station, initiated by his father-in-law.

After hearing testimony from 16 witnesses, the court found Karmakar guilty on several counts, for kidnapping (Section 363 IPC) 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 3,000, with an additional one-month jail term in default under POCSO Act Violation 12 years of imprisonment, a fine of Rs 10,000, and three months’ imprisonment in default.

This verdict underscores the court’s commitment to justice and sends a strong message against crimes of this nature.