Biplab Kumar Dev signaled good news for Asha workers and facilitators

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Agartala, Dec 31, 2022, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Dec 31: Good news for ASHA workers and facilitators coming soon, this was indicated by the former Chief Minister of Tripura and MP Biplab Kumar Dev in the organizational meeting of All Tripura Asha Facilitator Association, Tripura Asha Karmi Sangha organized by Vivekananda Bichar Manch. Asha workers and facilitators are full of hope at this speech. As the space was not available in the event organized at Agartala Town Hall, Biplab Dev finally called the hopefuls on the stage. Even after that, as if creating a record, there was almost an equal crowd outside the hall.

Even after resigning as Chief Minister, Biplab Kumar Dev's popularity is increasing day by day, which is proved again in today's event. While praising them on this day, he said, these sisters are the future builders of future generation. Their expectations and interests are sincerely considered. Biplab Kumar Dev said, during the Chief Minister's tenure, from women crimes to immoral activities were not tolerated in any way l action was taken against the accused without judging the political color. After resigning as Chief Minister, a section of the circle, which was blocked by the immoral activities, got excited and questioned the future of Biplab Kumar Dev. Now their future is in darkness

In the upcoming 2023 assembly elections, people will give their best answer in democratic way. However, it is clear who the target of Biplab Kumar Dev’s speech was that day.

He said that the overall development of the state is not possible without the development of women. The current government has given priority to women empowerment and empowerment in every field and its 33 percent women reservation is one of the signs. The development of the state is possible only with the development of women. He always engaged in generosity and service thinking. Anganwadi and Asha activist sisters have also been working diligently in service thinking.

The current government respects them enough. The spontaneity of the ASHA workers and facilitators present at the event was eye-catching.