BSF arrests 59 Rohingas, 160 Indians and 150 Bangladeshis in one year for border crimes and infiltration: BSF

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Agartala, Jan 03, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Jan 03: In one year, 59 Rohingas, 160 Indians and 150 Bangladeshis were detained by the BSF for border crimes and infiltration. Apart from this, 11 Bangladeshis who were caught due to careless crossing of the border were handed over to the BGB for the sake of humanity. They returned to their relatives after a long time. Chief Public Relations Officer of BSF Tripura Frontier said all this while highlighting the success of one year.

He claimed that in 2022 BSF has efficiently ensured border security in Tripura. Dealing with smugglers and preventing infiltrators while manning the Indo-Bangla border, the BSF has handled it all with a heavy hand. He said that due to very high level of vigilance and vigilance at the BSF border, smugglers have largely failed to carry out the smuggling trade. Because, BSF has recovered 1813 cattle while being smuggled through the border. Not only that, 66,608 bottles of phensidyl, 18685 kg of ganja, 1,14,658 yaba tablets, 86.252 grams of gold, 100 grams of silver, 1513.38 grams of brown sugar,Rs 48,35,753 in Bangladeshi currency and 58 crores. Other goods worth Rs 34 lakh 75 thousand 618 recovered during smuggling.

Chief Public Relations Officer of BSF Tripura Frontier said that 59 Rohingyas, 160 Indians and 150 Bangladeshis have been arrested for infiltration and crime across the Indo-Bangla border in Tripura. Considering the humanitarian aspects, 11 Bangladeshi citizens who were arrested for crossing the border carelessly have been sent back to their homeland.

He added that in 2022, BSF and BGB IG level officials have met twice on various issues of the two countries. In the meeting, discussions on radical movements, cross-border crime, infiltration, unfinished infrastructure development and integrated border management plan gained prominence. Not only this, the Agartala to Kolkata Via Bangladesh Cycle Rally has been organized with the aim of promoting greater harmony and friendly relations between the people of the two countries, he said.