DC Hrankhawl join Congress

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Agartala, Dec 29, 2022, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Dec 29: Dibachandra Hrankhawl joined the Congress on Thursday after 24 hours after resigning from the post of BJP MLA. On this day in front of the Agartala Rabindra Centenary Building, the former MLA of Karamchara, Dibachandra Hrankhawl, gave a wreath to the party and welcomed him to the party. Ajay Kumar, MLA Sudip Roy Barman, Pradesh Congress President Virjit Sinha, former Chief Minister Samir Barman, Congress leader Ashish Kumar Saha and other leaders. Youth leader Rakesh Das also joined Congress.

He was also welcomed in Congress on this day. MLA Sudip Roy Barman speaking in the meeting organized said that Congress is not a bike army, not a helmet army and not by scaring people. Congress knows how to love people. It is capital of Congress. Tripura Congress wants to do something in the coming days. But BJP does not want to show anything. Congress wants the development of this state, the smile on the faces of people from all sections of the nation. So Congress is talking about giving a chance to the people of Tripura for five years. This is what Sudip Roy Barman said. He said that this BJP-led coalition government has completely cheated in fulfilling its promises.

Before being established in the government, it said that 50,000 vacancies would be filled. But the lying government did not fill any vacancies. Also, BJP had promised the 7th Pay Commission, but the government has failed to deliver the 7th Pay Commission in five years. He could not even keep his promise of regularization of irregular employees. Instead, many irregular workers lost their jobs in five years. The BJP had promised a permanent solution to the 10,323. Far from a permanent solution, teachers have been tortured by the police. When he came down to the street to protest, he was pushed away by his neck. Sarva Shiksha also promised regularization of teachers and Ramsa teachers. The BJP government has failed to fulfill that promise. Sarva Shiksha teachers are not being regularized despite the High Court verdict. Apardi promised a fair investigation into chit funds including Rosevalley.

It has been seen that the government is stealing the fun of the chit fund by selling the property of the chit fund without paying the people's money. Never before have seen such a political party, never seen such a kneeling of the police. The people of the state have witnessed the injustice, but the people of the state have lost the language to protest during the tenure of this government. Political parties who want to protest against the BJP are attacked; houses of opposition parties are vandalized, set on fire. Such images have never been seen before. So there is no point in relying on this government. He said that this government will not do anything. He also said that 10,323 people are sitting on hunger strike during severe winter and assured that if Congress is established in the government, it will play a proper role. He also said that today the youth society is drowning in addiction. Congress wants to save the student youth from the grip of addiction because many marquis are empty due to addiction. The government has no initiative to stop addiction. So Congress wants to declare war on drugs. He said that students want to save the future of youth. The ministers and legislators of this BJP government are looting. Congress wants opportunity to work in Tripura state for five years.

Congress wants to run a corruption and crime free government. On this day, Sudip Roy Burman demanded in the public meeting. Those who are from police station to superintendent of police are also children of this state. Sudip Roy Burman questioned whether they want to turn this state into a crematorium or develop the state. He also said that their families are also in this state. Therefore, thinking about the future, the police will not sit quietly, take legal action. He also said that those who are claiming to be a nationalist party today need to turn the pages of history. They apologized to the British, to avoid going to jail. But Congress is the only one who went to jail fighting against the British. To gave the country a taste of liberation from the British. Barman claimed that Congress did not do divisive politics like BJP, but worked to unite the countrymen. Congress leader Ajay Kumar said that people are ready to retire Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha.

He also said that Dr. Manik Saha will be given extra time before the elections to practice. He also said that the bike army, lies, hatred and reverses of BJP have started multiplying. Regarding the possibility of an alliance between CPIM and Congress, Ajay Kumar also said that nothing has been said yet. But state Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha is already scared. So "Jo Dor Gaya, Wo Mor Gaya." But it is certain that the people of Tripura will chase the Chief Minister this time. Former Chief Minister Sameer Ranjan Barman said that the people of Tripura state have seen Congress misrule for five years. Therefore, former Chief Minister Sameer Barman urged everyone to support the Congress irrespective of party affiliation to free Tripura from this misrule. The opposite of BJP has started. ‘Abhi To Trailor Hey, Picture Abhi Baki Hey’. Former president of Pradesh Congress Gopal Roy said that Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha should also retire. Hundreds of workers and supporters were present at the meeting. A procession was organized in Agartala city before the meeting. Notable activists were present in the day's procession.