Dibachandra Hrankhawl resigned from the post of MLA

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Agartala, Dec 28, 2022, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Dec 28: In the run-up to the election, the hacking game continues. BJP MLA Dibachandra Hrankhawl has resigned from the post of MLA. On this day, he went to the Legislative Assembly with the letter of resignation. He handed over the resignation letter without giving any reason to the principal. Congress leaders Ashish Kumar Saha, Baptu Saha, Prashanta Bhattacharjee were with him.

He was the MLA of 48 Karmachhara Assembly Constituency. Dibachandra Hrankhawl said he resigned due to personal reasons. He said that he has done good work in the last 59 months in BJP, but he could not stay because there was no consensus at the end. However, he told reporters that he has not yet made a final decision about which team he is going to. With the presence of former Congress MLAs and other leaders, it is believed that he has submitted his resignation letter to go to Congress. Although he later denied the matter, he said that Sudip Roy Barman, Ashish Kumar Saha are his friends.

The matter of joining another party will be decided later. The National Election Commission will make an immediate announcement after the final voter list is announced on January 5. And at this moment, another MLA has left the BJP, which has made the ruling party's camp worried. In the last five years successive MLAs have either left the BJP camp and allied parties to join the Congress or Tipra Motha. It is making the people of the state worry. What is going on inside the party? After Ashish Das, Sudip Roy Barman, Ashish Kumar Saha, Brisketu Tripura, Mebar Kumar Jamatia, Dhananjaya Tripura, now Dibachandra Hrankhawl has resigned. It is difficult to say who else is on the list in the coming days. The fall of one MLA post after another has caused an earthquake. Which way the state politics is walking is as blurry as the morning fog to the people of the state. In the next 15 to 20 days, it will become clear as the morning light which way the political context is going.