Police demolished the temporary stage of 10,323

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Agartala, Jan 03, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Jan 03: After many attempts from morning to evening, the Mahakaran Abhiyan failed in the collective stage of 10,323. Finally, from the Circuit House, a joint platform of 10,323 marched again in front of the Agartala City Center and temporarily set up a public platform to demand jobs.

But in the meantime, the police raided their tents and demolished them. Immediately, the situation became heated. Dismissed teachers stood up. Dismissed teachers said that the government has shown inhumanity and brutality by demolishing the temporary tents by the police. The question of the dismissed teachers is where the humanity of this government is. As soon as the movement subsided, the police resorted to batons, water cannons, and riots.

But the government will not be able to retreat by carrying out an attack like this. They warned that the movement will continue here. A dismissed teacher from Janjati warned that if the police do not stop the double-dealing, then there will be a movement against the police. Currently there is tension in the area. Dismissed teachers are sitting on the side of the road. They are accompanied by their young children and elderly parents. It has now become a big issue in which direction the situation will turn before the Assembly elections are announced.