Five BJP workers affected by Kamalsagar, the arrow of complaint towards CPM

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Agartala, Feb 01, 2023, By Our Correspondent

Five BJP workers were injured in political violence in Kamalasagar assembly constituency on Wednesday morning Allegations point towards the CPM A case has been filed in the police station mentioning Dham as the accused 5 BJP workers affected by CPM attack According to the details of the incident, BJP candidate Antara Dev Sarkar went to Kamalasagar Panchayat on Wednesday afternoon He got to know the leaders and supporters there As a result of that incident, BJP workers were allegedly attacked on Wednesday morning The CPIM workers allegedly removed the BJP flag festoon from there CPM workers attacked BJP workers with iron rods and sticks when they asked why they were throwing away the flag festoon. Later the people of the area took the injured to Madhupur Primary Hospital Samaresh Sarkar, Biswajit Das, Tuton Debnath, Kiran Sarkar, Akash Mallick were injured. They were discharged after initial treatment Later BJP workers filed a case in Madhupur police station in the name of 9 people They alleged that the CPM workers took a gold chain from the neck of a person Kamalasagar area is currently experiencing political tension There is a substantial risk of major violent acts being organized at any time Police are keeping a close eye on the situation