BJP Responds to Allegations Amidst Panchayat Elections Preparations

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Agartala, Jun 24, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala, June 24, 2024: In a press conference held at the state BJP office on Monday, Subrata Chakraborty addressed recent allegations made by Jitendra Chowdhury, Pavitra Kar, and Sudhan Das. The trio had conducted press conferences, accusing the BJP of attempting to reclaim lost land through government blackmail.

Agartala Pur Nigam Mayor Deepak Majumdar, who secured victory as the BJP candidate in the 7 Ram Nagar Assembly Constituency by-elections, was sworn in as an MLA. However, Jitendra Chowdhury alleged that Majumdar violated constitutional provisions.

Subrata Chakraborty refuted these claims, labeling them as misleading. He criticized Jitendra Chowdhury and CPIM leaders, highlighting a previous incident where Chowdhury falsely claimed that a booth received more votes than voters during the Lok Sabha elections. The allegation was later debunked, leaving Chowdhury in an embarrassing position.

Chakraborty also addressed the accusation that the state government is closing down 961 schools. He clarified that there are 549 schools with fewer than 50 students, but alternative schools exist within a 3-kilometer radius. Additionally, he dismissed the claim that the government issued and subsequently canceled job notifications, emphasizing transparency in job provision.

Other state BJP members joined Chakraborty in today’s press conference.