Government Power Tillers Found at Private Residence in Sabroom: Investigation Underway

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Agartala, Feb 18, 2024, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: February 18: In a startling development, 15 government-allocated power tillers, meant for distribution to farmers, were discovered at the residence of Ratan Dhar in the Naigashitilla area of Thaibong Gram Panchayat, under the jurisdiction of the Sabroom RD Block. The incident has raised eyebrows and sparked concern among the local community.

 When contacted via mobile phone, S.A. Jiten Tripura, the officer in charge of the Satchad Agri Sub-Division, and Standing Committee Chairman Zaba Deb, both responsible for the tiller distribution, expressed bewilderment. They claimed ignorance regarding the origin of these tillers.

 Surprisingly, officers from the Sabroom police station visited the house this morning but left without taking any action. The presence of the tillers has left residents questioning the role of the police in this matter.

 The farmers of the Sabroom subdivision are now demanding answers. How did government property end up in a private residence? This isn’t the first instance of such tillers being sold illicitly.

The situation remains under investigation, and authorities are expected to take appropriate action against those responsible for this puzzling turn of events.