BJP express frustration after filing complaint with the Election Commission

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Agartala, Apr 19, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala: April 19: BJP State Spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacharya has expressed his frustration after filing a complaint with the Election Commission. The opposition’s accusations of poll obstruction by the BJP in Tripura have raised concerns about undermining citizens’ rights.
Nabendu emphasized that citizens demonstrated spontaneity in voting during the West Tripura Lok Sabha seat and Ramnagar by-election. Despite long queues at polling stations, the opposition alleges that their agents are systematically being excluded. However, Nabendu contends that these accusations lack substantiated evidence.
He further criticized the opposition for implicating the Election Commission and police in collusion with the BJP without specific complaints. Nabendu’s anger escalated when the Indi Alliance candidate, Ashish Kumar Saha, made unfounded claims about polling disruptions at the Chief Minister’s Centre.
Nabendu stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy democratic attitude. Consequently, the BJP has filed a complaint with the Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura, providing evidence to address the situation seriously.