Police arrest one for cheating

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Agartala, Apr 22, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala: April 22: In a recent development, a young man has been apprehended by the West Agartala Police Station for impersonating the Chief Minister’s Additional Secretary.

According to the available information, the individual in question, Palash Banerjee, allegedly assumed the identity of the chief minister’s additional secretary and engaged in fraudulent activities. Over the course of several days, he reportedly contacted various people within the state, deceiving them and acquiring mobile phones and other items under false pretenses.

The matter came to light when victims filed a written complaint with the West Agartala police station. Subsequently, law enforcement authorities swiftly acted, leading to the arrest of Palash Banerjee in the Vidurkarta Chaumuhani area. The police have initiated an investigation into the incident to ascertain the full extent of his actions and any potential accomplices.

As the case unfolds, authorities will continue their efforts to uncover the details surrounding this impersonation and fraud scheme. Citizens are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities promptly to law enforcement agencies.