The mayor met with the businessmen affected by the fire at Durgachoumani

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Agartala, Apr 21, 2024, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: April 21: Last night, on April 18, a devastating fire engulfed 22 shops in the vicinity of Durga Chaumuhani Bazar. This incident occurred in Road No. 9, adjacent to Durgachamuri Bazar in the capital. The fire broke out around 1:30 am, prompting the arrival of 7 to 8 fire engines to the scene. Their swift response helped bring the fire under control.

Agartala Municipal Corporation Mayor, Deepak Majumder, visited the site on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to his busy schedule with election-related work, he couldn’t be present when the fire initially occurred. However, he made it a priority to visit the location today, accompanied by administrative officials. During his visit, Mayor Majumder engaged in discussions with the affected businessmen.

Addressing journalists, he assured that all relevant matters have been thoroughly discussed with the business community. In the interim, efforts will be made to explore alternative locations for their businesses. Additionally, the possibility of constructing a permanent market in the area will be considered at a later stage. Mayor Deepak Majumder expressed his commitment to assisting the affected businessmen during this challenging time.