India and Bangladesh Enhance Maritime Trade with New Inland Waterways Terminal

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Agartala, Feb 20, 2024, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: February 20: The central government’s concerted efforts to bolster bilateral maritime trade with neighboring Bangladesh have taken a significant step forward. Transport Minister Sushanta Chowdhury, speaking at the virtual inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed Inland Waterways Transport Terminal in Sonamura Srimantapur, highlighted the development of comprehensive transport systems in Tripura.

Previously, goods between the two countries were primarily shipped via ports in Colombo, Singapore, or Klang. However, the recent initiative allows Indian goods destined for the North-East to utilize the Chittagong port. Kolkata cargo ships now have the flexibility to employ various modes of transport, connecting Chittagong, Mongla, and the North-Eastern region.

Bangladesh has granted access to several key routes, including Chittagong/Mongla to Agartala, Chittagong/Mongla to Dawki, Chittagong/Mongla to Sutarkandi, Chittagong/Mongla to Srimantapur.

Minister emphasized that robust economic development hinges on a well-established communication system. Tripura has made significant strides in this regard, with fully developed road, rail, air, and water transport networks. Notably, the 93 km Sonamura-Daudkhandi waterway stands as a milestone in enhancing communication within the state.

Furthermore, Minister Chowdhury underscored the importance of the 2014 ‘Act East’ policy, which aligns with the central government’s commitment to strengthening ties with sub-regional countries and coastal nations in the greater Indo-Pacific region. Recent collaborative assessments have explored connectivity possibilities, with a special focus on India’s North-Eastern states.