Speeches & promises of INDI alliance, nothing but mere drama: CM

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Agartala, Apr 21, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala: April 21: Subhash Das, a teacher at Paschim Jarulbachai Hariapara JB School in the Sadar subdivision, has found himself in a dire situation due to his involvement in the electoral process. Suffering from illness for several months, Das received an unexpected call from the Election Commission to oversee polling in the West Tripura Lok Sabha constituency.

Upon receiving the Election Commission’s notice, Subhash Das promptly visited the Returning Officer of the West Tripura district. He submitted an application to the ARA of Jirania, indicating his willingness to fulfill his duty. On April 18th, he was assigned polling duty at Jirania Virendranagar Higher Secondary School. However, tragedy struck during his duty.

Subhash Das suddenly fell seriously ill and collapsed on the ground. He suffered injuries to his eyes and various parts of his body. The fire department staff rushed him to Jirania Hospital, where he was subsequently referred to the GB Hospital. His family members were informed of the situation, prompting them to rush to GB Hospital.

Sunday afternoon saw Subhash Das’s wife express her frustration to the media. She accused the Election Commission and the Returning Officer of West District of negligence. Despite her husband’s critical condition, they had not made any inquiries about Subhash Das’s well-being at GB Hospital. In her plea, she demanded that both the Election Commission and the Returning Officer bear all the medical expenses for her ailing husband.

The unfolding events will reveal the role played by the Election Commission in this distressing situation.