Chief Minister's call to maintain blood equality

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Agartala, Mar 19, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Mar 19: The blood banks of the state had become anemic due to the elections. The Chief Minister's attention was attracted after the issue was published several times in the news. The Chief Minister urged people from all walks of life including the hospital authorities to come forward to fill the blood gap in the blood banks of the state. Accordingly, blood donation camps have started in the state.


  A blood donation camp is organized at Government Medical College and GBP Hospital on Sundays. Chief Minister Dr. Manik Shaha, Health Department Secretary Debashish Basu and others were present. The Chief Minister informed that anemia has arisen in the blood banks for the elections. That's why all the people have been asked to come forward in the blood donation camp. Responding to that call, the Chief Minister praised the Tripura chapter of the Indian Society and Critical Medicine for taking the initiative in the blood donation camp. The Chief Minister thanked the doctors and health workers who participated in the Blood Donation Camp.


Along with this, the Chief Minister once again called upon the people of the state to come forward to maintain the equality of blood. The presence of blood donors in the camp was remarkable. Notably, there is an extreme blood crisis going on in the state. The family members of the patient are roaming around in shame. In the last few months, two blood donation camps have been organized. But Thalassemia patients and accidental patients are increasing day by day in the state. That's why the Chief Minister is repeatedly calling upon the people of the state to donate blood.