City-wide rally held in support of All India candidate

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Agartala, Apr 20, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala: April 20: In Dharmanagar, a city-wide rally was recently held in support of the All India candidate. Following the rally, participants congregated in front of the District Congress office to organize a meeting. Notably, Opposition MLA Jitendra Chowdhury served as the main speaker during this gathering. Other prominent leaders present included CPIM State Secretariat Member Pavita Kar, North District Left Front General Secretary Amitabh Dutta, Pradesh Congress Secretary Chayan Bhattacharya, and Pradesh Congress President Advocate Ajit Das, among others.

Jitendra Chowdhury, the Left Front State Secretary and Leader of the Opposition, passionately advocated for candidate Rajendra Riang. He urged citizens to unite and overthrow what he described as an undemocratic government at the Centre. The India Alliance, comprising 27 political parties, has come together to safeguard people’s democracy, which they believe has been eroded by a decade of dictatorial rule. This alliance emphasizes secularism and democracy, representing the collective voice of ordinary citizens.

Chowdhury criticized the ruling party, alleging that it came to power in 2014 through deception. Promises made to the youth and farmers, such as loan waivers and the retrieval of black money stashed abroad, remain unfulfilled. Despite assurances that rising commodity prices would be controlled, the BJP government secured its position at the center with only 31 percent of the vote. The pledge to deposit ₹15 lakh in every family’s bank account remains unmet, leaving citizens disillusioned.

Furthermore, the much-touted “double engine government” promised progress for the state in 2018, but implementation has yet to materialize. As the political landscape evolves, citizens await actions that match the rhetoric of their elected representatives.