Jiten demanded the cooperation of the affected traders in Battala market

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Agartala, Nov 29, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala November 29: Battala, one of the main markets of the state, was burnt to ashes in a devastating fire. The accident took place last Sunday midnight. Many traders have been affected. So far no financial support from the government can be observed. CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury made the complaint while talking to the affected traders in Battala market on Wednesday.

He visited the burnt shops in Battala Bazar. West District Secretary Ratan Das and other leaders were also present. He said many of those affected have shops of raw materials. There are also many permanent shopkeepers. Most of these traders do not have insurance. After the incident, the Chief Minister and the Mayor visited the spot. So the government is demanding to rehabilitate them and make a master plan to add new systems to the market. Especially like in Imphal where a multi story building is made and all kinds of safety measures are demanded. He also said that CPIM stands by the affected businessmen. Many businessmen have become independent here. He said that a proposal will be made to the government for financial support from SDRF.