Peaceful polling conduct in Tripura

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Agartala, Apr 19, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala: April 19: Polling in Tripura is proceeding with a festive atmosphere. As of 5:00 PM, the West Tripura Lok Sabha constituencies have recorded a high voter turnout of 79.7 percent, while Ramnagar has seen 67.81 percent participation. Citizens are patiently standing in long queues to cast their votes.

Tripura, being one of the first-tier states in the country, has a history of robust voter engagement. Consequently, the sight of voters queuing up at various polling stations since morning is not uncommon. Although there were reports of EVM malfunction at some polling stations during the initial hours, the swift action taken by the commission has ensured that the polling process continues smoothly.

Interestingly, the voter turnout percentages at specific intervals are as follows:

West Tripura Lok Sabha seat: 15.9 percent (till 9:00 AM), 34.6 percent (till 11:00 AM), 52.67 percent (till 1:00 PM), and 68.11 percent (till 3:00 PM).

Ramnagar: 12.28 percent (till 9:00 AM), 27.62 percent (till 11:00 AM), 43.01 percent (till 1:00 PM), and 56.68 percent (till 3:00 PM).