State-Wide Agitation in Khowai District Demands Urgent Action on Public Issues

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Agartala, May 18, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala: May 18: The Communist Party of Metropolis (CPM) has launched a week-long state-wide agitation, pressing for critical reforms in various sectors. The demands, centered around public interest, include job creation, food security, improved electricity services, addressing teacher shortages, irrigation, housing, and road repairs.

Today, a mass deputation organized by the CPM took place in the district town of Khowai. The event commenced from the statue of Rabindranath Tagore in Kabiguru Park, where participants marched along various routes before concluding back at the starting point. The crisis has escalated due to insufficient progress on the Rega and Twep projects. Workers’ wages remain unpaid in all three blocks, affecting opposition family members who hold valid job cards.

The situation is dire in many panchayats and ADC villages, where residents suffer from inadequate drinking water sources and broken irrigation systems. Roads throughout the sub-division, including the main town, are in a dilapidated state, with no signs of renovation. The electricity service is also under distress.

Furthermore, beneficiaries of housing schemes face delays in receiving installments, hindering their ability to construct homes. The shortage of doctors and nurses disrupts medical services at the district hospital. Social scheme allowances go undelivered to eligible recipients, while opposition party supporters’ family members are unfairly denied allowances. The district grapples with traffic control challenges and a distressed drainage system, leading to waterlogging in urban and suburban areas. Unfortunately, tribal areas lack development initiatives from the ADC.

The CPM’s agitation aims to draw attention to these pressing issues, urging swift action for the welfare of the people in Khowai district.