Tripura farmers get benefits under NDRI-NEH Project

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Agartala, Mar 22, 2023, By Our Correspondent

Agartala(Tripura), Mar. 22. It is a total of eighty farmers who have received benefits under the NDRI-NEH Project. The programme has organized National Dairy Research Institute, Eastern Regional Station in collaboration with bagma Agri Producer Company Limited (BAPCL).
The dignitaries as well as Dr. T.K Dutta, Principal Scientist, Dr. C. Bhakat, Principal Scientist, Dr. D. K Mandal, Principal Scientist and Dr. S. Dutta, CTO of National Dairy Research Institute, Dairysearch, Kalyani have attended the programme. Sudip Majumder, MD and Sanjib Dey, BoD of BAPCL have attended in the programme organized in order to do the distribution of different inputs to farmers. The inputs are included with piglets, feeds, mineral mixture, feeders, vitamins and other medicines.  The inputs are distributed through Livestock Development Programme and organized an interaction- cum training programme for NEH farmers.
Dr. T. K Dutta, Principal Scientist has said the main goals of this programme are input support and technology transfer in order to achieve the goal of women empowerment, nutritional security, food security, livelihood and income doubling of farmers in the state Tripura.
Namita Bhowmik, a forty five years old farmer said this type of input support is really helpful for farmers because of marginal farmers’ existence at huge numbers in the state and the farmers of the states are efficient in production activities instead of doing investment in agriculture.
The piggery sector is now a profitable sector in Tripura among tribal and non-tribal farmers of the state and the loans for piggery farmers are sanctioned under KCC by banks in order to promote the piggery sector for the benefit of farmers.
The company BAPCL is doing in accordance with the guidance of NABARD and ICAR in the area of agriculture for new technology transfer  to farmers. The farmers are getting many good facilities in the state Tripura, said Sudip Majumder, MD of BPCL.