Woman Found Dead in Rented House

Enewstime News Images

Agartala, Feb 18, 2024, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Feb 18: In a tragic incident, the lifeless body of a woman was recovered in a rented house near the Agartala Granduse Club. The incident, which unfolded on February 15, has left the community in shock.

The deceased woman has been identified as Shipra Biswas (40). According to family members, Shipra Biswas had been enduring physical torment at the hands of her husband, Madhav Shil, for several days. When the landlord attempted to contact Shipra Biswas this morning, there was no response. Concerned, he entered the rented house and made a grim discovery: Shipra Biswas’s lifeless body lay on the bed.

Authorities were promptly notified, and both the police and forensic team rushed to the scene. The victim’s family alleges foul play, suspecting that Shipra Biswas was murdered.

The police recovered the body and sent it to the hospital for a thorough autopsy.

Shockingly, Madhav Shil had fled the scene after allegedly killing his wife. The couple had been residing in the rented house near the Grandiose Club for the past three months.

 In a swift operation, law enforcement apprehended Madhav Shil late last night. He is now in custody, and the investigation into this tragic incident continues.