A new airport will be built on 500 acres of land in Hirachra of Unkoro district: Biplab

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Agartala, Jan 02, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Jan 02: Congress and Communists are the demonic forces that are hurting the people. Together they have betrayed the people of Tripura for 25 years. It is the powerful women forces who will kill this demonic power in the democratic way in the upcoming assembly elections also MP Biplab Kumar Dev.

On Monday, he participated in several programs in Unkoti district. First, he exchanged views with the workers of the Murthychara tea garden in Chandipur Assembly. Finally, he held an exchange meeting with the tea workers in the Jagannathpur Bagan neighborhood of Fatikrai.

Biplab Kumar Deb said that there will be a new airport on 500 acres in the area adjacent to Hirachra tea garden in Unkoti district, which will be of the same quality as the Agartala MBB airport. Criticizing the Left, he said that if the Congress is the main opposition party in the state, the 2018 election will also overthrow the communists. It would not have been possible l their Mithila behind the curtain is now clear.

Uncompromising efforts of BJP have not only led to a change of power, but a change in society under the leadership of Narendra Modi l Due to the proper management of the current government, the average income has increased significantly as well as the economy has strengthened l As a result, according to the latest figures, the GST collection has increased by 15 percent in one year. l Which means an increase in the number of earners of more than five lakhs a year l Communists know how to deprive people, and BJP works for the welfare of every level down to the last person.

He said that the people of the state have got the ownership of the land due to the goodwill of the present government l Several plans have been formulated for the development of economic and social living standards l Simple tea workers have been deprived of their rights for the past 25 years for political interests l But, with the sincerity of Narendra Modi, all the ethnic groups of the North Eastern region have They are also successful in development.

He said that along with opening of archeology department, a strong demand has been raised in the Parliament for opening an airport in Kailash. The beauty and grandeur of Unkoti is no less than the Taj Mahal. The number of arrivals has increased l As a result, the earning opportunities are increasing l He called for the establishment of BJP government with more support in 2023 to continue the flow of development in the state by working tirelessly for the next month. Minister Bhagwan Das, MLA Sudhanshu Das among others were present on the occasion.