Bangladeshi woman arrested

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Agartala, Mar 19, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala. March 19: Police of Belonia police station arrested a Bangladeshi woman from Matai under Belonia police station on Saturday night. On the basis of secret information, the police arrested a 28-year-old woman named Arjna Lima from Matai area on Saturday night. His house is in the area of Bagherhat police station of Khulna district of Bangladesh. It is known that he was staying illegally in Delhi for many years.


This female broker's circle got out the address card of kolkata 3 years ago. Later Matai came to Bangladesh with this Aadhaar card. Matai came and found the broker's circle. Police arrested the woman on Saturday night while she was taking her to the border to cross over to Bangladesh. The police were able to arrest Milan Mia of Amjad Nagar as his accomplice. However, it is known from sources that the main mastermind of this incident is a young man named Suman Mia of Amjad Nagar area. The two arrested people are in the custody of the police station. According to the police of Belonia police station, many more are involved with these infiltrators. Now it remains to be seen, how far the police of Belonia police station will be able to trap any entrants involved in this incident. How much the police are able to nab especially those who are involved in the broker cycle.