Bee Cultivation training for doubling farmers’ income in Tripura

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Agartala, Mar 20, 2023, By Our Correspondent

Agartala(Tripura), Mar 20. That honey is an important way of cultivation in an integrated farming system is known to all and the department of forest under Udaipur subdivision has organized a three days long training programme on honey bee cultivation.
A total of 30 bee cultivators have attended the training programme and the cultivators are coming from Matabari R.D Block area. The training programme was organized with collaboration of Bagma Agri Producer Company Limited (BAPCL) at Peratia Conference Hall.
Kiran Bhowmik, PhD Scholar of Economics Department from Tripura University has given a lecture on entrepreneurship development and business planning of honey business. He said, “The state Tripura is enriched with natural resources and the resources need to be used in the correct way with the help of proper training that is conducted with the help of different government sponsored funds for the benefit of beneficiaries in order to enhance farmers income”.
The main limitation of land for agriculture in the state is also known but there is a good opportunities due to the international border 856 km in Tripura with Bangladesh. The government has given priority to business for the benefit of farmers and implemented different types of projects in search of new entrepreneurs.
Sudip Majumder, Managing Director of BAPCL has informed that a total of 90 farmers have successfully started their honey business as the second best opportunity for earning income. The farmers are also getting a loan under KCC for bee keeping in Tripura.
The organization NABARD in Tripura has been doing different innovative activities with BAPCL in order to enhance farmers income in the state.  Loken Das, GM of NABARD of Tripura Regional Office as well as all the high officials of NABARD has been trying level best to make Tripura the best in the country.