Bengali youth society demands to solve the unemployment problem

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Agartala, Mar 20, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala March 20: Student youth society is the driving force of society. But if there is a lack of proper education, just as students cannot be developed as human beings, similarly, if a comprehensive system of employment is not created, the potential youth is destroyed. After all these years of independence, the youths are still suffering from the mentioned problems in the country and the state.

The main reason for this is that after coming to power, the government has formulated its own education policy and employment policy. As a result, the country has not developed a moral and effective education so far, in the same way, the future of the unemployed youth is being destroyed due to the lack of appropriate action plans. At present the condition of Tripura is dire for employment as well as unemployment. So the Bengali Youth Tripura State Committee is drawing the attention of the government. Gautam Deb, Secretary of the State Committee of Bengali Yuva Samaj, said this at a press conference organized at the Bangali State Office on Monday. It is demanded that JRBT fill up all the vacancies, declare the accepted TET exam results quickly, fill up the vacant posts in government departments immediately.