In Matabari, 28 kopecks are sacrificed in honor

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Agartala, Mar 21, 2023, By Our Correspondent

The sacrificial scene at Udaipur's Maa Tripureshwari temple, one of the fifty-one peeths, took a place in history on Tuesday. 28 coops complete a lamb sacrifice. The fans were shocked to see that. The spectators gathered and started cheering loudly. Which caused quite a stir. Ashish Chakraborty was the main worshiper at Maa Tripureshwari temple on Tuesday. Who is known as Dukhyu Tagore.

  The Tolua Uttam Niyogyi of the temple was engaged in sacrificial work for generations. After the sacrifice on this day, the priest of the temple said that the sacrifice started on this day from 11:15 am. As it was Amavasya Tithi, special puja was organized in mother's temple. A total of 60 letters were sacrificed today. Those who have come to offer sacrifice have gathered in the temple premises since morning. An exceptional event on this day was the sacrifice of a goat. A total of 28 copies of Patha Boli have been completed. Such an incident has never happened before in Matabari. The last 16 cops were killed earlier. In this case, it is assumed that there has been any irregularity. Otherwise it cannot be. The person who had brought the offerings for the sacrifice was asked about this. He said that after inviting the villagers in advance, Mata had come to the house to offer the sacrifice. In priestly terms such an event occurs only when an invitation is made before the sacrifice. Therefore, the 30-year-old priest worshiping in the temple thinks that such an act has been committed. He also said that the owner of this goat has been asked to bring another patha for sacrifice. Otherwise the standard will not be complete. Soon after the incident, this scene went viral on social media.