Indi Alliance Candidate Ashish Kumar Saha Votes Amid Election Allegations

Enewstime News Images

Agartala, Apr 19, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala, April 19:  Ashish Kumar Saha, the Indi Alliance candidate for the West Tripura Lok Sabha seat, exercised his democratic right by casting his vote early in the morning. Accompanied by a sense of civic duty, he visited the Maharani Tulsivati Girls’ School polling station in Agartala.

However, following the voting process, Saha raised serious concerns about the conduct of the election. He alleged that the electoral proceedings had devolved into a farce. According to him, Indi Alliance polling agents faced obstruction at various locations as soon as polling began. In a troubling turn of events, BJP-affiliated groups reportedly disrupted the polls in the presence of law enforcement personnel. Reports of such incidents have surfaced from across the state.

In response to these allegations, the Congress party has promptly filed a complaint with the Election Commission, providing detailed information on the alleged irregularities. As the electoral process unfolds, authorities are closely monitoring the situation to ensure a fair and transparent voting experience for all citizens.