Jitendra Chowdhury sent a letter to the Returning Officer saying that Mobswar Ali is ineligible to be a BJP candidate

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Agartala, Jan 31, 2023, By Our Correspondent

Even after Gerua Rambali, Rahu Keturdasha did not cut the BJP nominated candidate of Kailasahar Assembly Constituency Mobswar Ali. He submitted his nomination papers to Reitaning on Monday. But the biggest thing is that he is currently a Member of the Legislative Assembly and remains a member of the CPIM party. Mobswar Ali joined the BJP without resigning from the membership of the party and as an MLA who could not be a candidate from the CPIM party as per the constitutional rules.

He has filed his nomination papers as a nominee from BJP. This is the news of CPIM party sources. In view of which CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury wrote a letter to the Returning Officer of Kailash on Tuesday. He pointed out in the letter that it is known through social media that Mobswar Ali has submitted his nomination for the assembly election from 53-Kailashahar assembly constituency as a sponsored candidate of BJP. Mobswar Ali was elected to the Tripura Legislative Assembly in 2018 as a CPIM candidate from the 53rd Kailashahar assembly constituency. He is still a sitting member of the Tripura Legislative Assembly and as such is a member of the CPIM. CPIM fought back and became a member of the Tripura Legislative Assembly. If Mobswar Ali resigns from the Assembly or is expelled by the party, he cannot be accepted as a member of any other party or as an independent candidate. Because currently Mahswar Ali is a member of CPIM. He is also a sitting MLA in the Legislative Assembly. Therefore, Jitendra Chowdhury claimed that Mobswar, the BJP nominated candidate, is still ineligible to join any other political party.