Left Front and Congress seats final in Tripura assembly elections, both parties withdraw additional candidates

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Agartala, Feb 02, 2023, By Our Correspondent

Finally, the seat rift between Left Front and Congress in Tripura has been officially finalized. Following the conditions, CPM today withdrew its candidate nomination in 13 seats and Congress in 3 seats. As a result, Left Front will contest 46 seats and Congress 13 seats in the upcoming assembly elections. There is one independent candidate supported by Left Front.

In this regard, Pradesh Congress President Birjit Sinha said in a statement that the Congress and the Left Front had decided to fight the election by compromising on seats to end the BJP-IPFT coalition government in Tripura, restore democracy and destroy communal forces. That decision was followed with due dignity by both parties. Today, Congress is preparing to withdraw its candidates from three additional seats and Left Front from additional 13 seats to free the people of Tripura from the misrule of BJP. He requested to forget all the dilemmas and join the fight.