Seat compromise may be between Mata and Left Front, Jitendra Chowdhury hinted

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Agartala, Jan 31, 2023, By Our Correspondent

Jitendra Chowdhury hunted hints of Tipra Matha's secret connection with the Left Front. Jitendra Chowdhury hinted to withdraw the nomination papers by agreeing on seats in several constituencies in alliance with Tipra Matha. He made this clear at the election rally in Srinagar Bazar of Sabrum assembly constituency on Tuesday.

He said in the election meeting of CPIM that day, talks are going on with Tipra Matha to defeat BJP. On Tuesday morning, Tipra Matha supremo Pradyot Kishore Devabarman called CPIM state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury and said your victory is certain. All the supporters of Tipra Matha will vote for you in Sabrum Assembly Constituency in the upcoming elections. And he will not contest against CPIM nominated candidate Jitendra Chaudhary. It has been said in the context of Kishore Devabarman that only if Jitendra Chowdhury wins, the BJP will not be defeated. So the Left Front wants more seats for understanding with Tipra Matha. In view of this, Pradyot Kishore Devavarman sought time. He said that after the discussion between the two parties, a decision will be taken within the day of withdrawal of nominations, which party will contest which seat. It is expected that all the democratic parties will come on one stage. The seat sharing alliance with the Congress will also be resolved. Jitendra Chowdhury said that a new history will be made in 2023.

Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Ministers from other states came to Tripura from Delhi with double injection before the twin engine government was installed in 2018 and told people to believe. The people of the state thought that there would be double development through a double engine government. And there will be no shortage of money for development. And then those who were against the Left Front realized that they could not defeat the Left Front. So they went to BJP. And the poor people who used to promote Left Front also left with BJP. But poor people are victims of these thugs. So the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath, Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma have committed sin by cheating people. But the people of Tripura did not sin. Because the ministers who took double injection from Delhi came to the state to give people 50,000 jobs a year, 7th pay commission for employees, place wages of 340 rupees and 200 days of work, 10323 will be a permanent solution. They could not observe anything. And after forming the government, the then Chief Minister said that Tripura would become a model for giving three years.

But after a while it was seen that he himself became a model. Nothing was promised. People have heard only speeches for five years, and seen good governance in posters if not good governance in minds. The BJP government has started acting out of promises from the very beginning instead of fulfilling the promises made by the government with thousands of people of the state as witnesses. Which they did not even pronounce before coming to government. In other words, after coming to the government, the constitution and democracy have been destroyed in five years. People are humiliated and deprived and development is stalled. Shri Chowdhury criticized that an anarchic situation has been established in the state. The local CPIM leadership was also present in the organized meeting.