Sudip Roy Barman exercised his right to vote

Enewstime News Images

Agartala, Apr 19, 2024, By Our Correspondent

Agartala: April 19: MLA Sudip Roy Barman exercised his right to vote in the West Tripura Lok Sabha elections at Acharya Prafullachandra Vidyalaya in Agartala. He raised serious concerns, accusing the ruling party of hindering citizens from exercising their voting rights.

On this significant day, Barman expressed his hope that everyone would participate in the democratic festival by casting their votes. However, he alleged that many polling stations across the state had witnessed attempts to suppress voters. Supporters of the CPM and Congress were reportedly barred from voting, leading to concerns about a potential decrease in the vote percentage for these parties.

Barman further claimed that the ruling party resorted to intimidation tactics to force people to vote. Polling agents associated with the Indi alliance faced obstacles as soon as polling began. The Election Commission was criticized for failing to protect citizens’ democratic rights effectively.

In a passionate appeal, Barman urged all citizens to overcome fear and exercise their democratic voting rights. He emphasized that doing so was crucial for safeguarding the freedom of the country, its constitution, and democracy itself.