The arrogance and ego of the communist leaders in state is what led the state to its downfall: Biplab

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Agartala, Apr 20, 2024, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: April 20: In Tripura, the state has been embroiled in political tensions due to the actions of communist leaders. Even after their removal from power, CPM Politburo member and former Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar continues to exhibit unwavering arrogance and pride. In response, voters are urged to bid farewell to the Communist party by supporting BJP’s nominated candidate, Kriti Singh Debbarma, in the East Tripura Lok Sabha seat.

Biplab Kumar Deb, addressing a rally in Bagbassa, criticized the Communist leaders for their lack of connection with the workers during their 25-year rule. Their governance failed to address the emotional needs of the people of Tripura, focusing instead on personal interests. The demands put forth by the Communist leaders were often marked by pride and arrogance.

Manik Sarkar’s persistence in maintaining his arrogant stance even after losing power has been detrimental to Tripura. Biplab Kumar Deb labeled him a hypocrite during a public meeting, highlighting Sarkar’s earlier claim of a century-long Communist rule in the state. However, the 2018 elections shattered that illusion, signaling a shift away from the Communist regime.

Furthermore, Biplab criticized Manik Sarkar’s call for an “India Manch” to protect democracy, deeming it absurd. The Communist party’s election manifesto does not align with this demand, as the coalition currently in power at the national level does not share their vision.