The Panchayat Secretary was arrested after 1 year

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Agartala, Sep 23, 2023, By Our Correspondent


Agartala September 23: The Panchayat Secretary was arrested almost a year after embezzling government money. Kailashahar police started investigation against him. According to the details of the incident, Gaurnagar BDO filed a case against the accused panchayat secretary on October 29 last year. A complaint was lodged for embezzling about 37 lakhs of government money without working. After about a year, the police arrested the accused panchayat secretary.

The incident took place in Srinathpur village panchayat of Kailashahar. The arrested panchayat secretary Amir Ali was sent to the Kailasahar court by the police of Irani police station on Saturday afternoon. Regarding this incident, the OC of Irani police station said that in October last year, BDO Rameshwar Chakraborty of Gaurnagar block of Kailashahar filed a written complaint with Irani police station that the then panchayat secretary of Srinathpur village panchayat under Gaurnagar block Amir Ali in Srinathpur village panchayat area in 2016-2017 and 2019-2020 fiscal years. And panchayat secretary Amir Ali looted 36 lakh 85 thousand taka without doing the work of pelassetting of thirteen bamboos.

Which was later caught in the department's audit and the BDO Panchayat Secretary Amir Ali was dismissed from service. Later, Panchayat Secretary Amir Ali ran away with dust in the eyes of the police after Gaurnagar block BDO Rameshwar Chakraborty filed a written case at Irani police station. After about a year, Panchayat Secretary Amir Ali was arrested from the poultry market under Kailasahar Police Station and taken to Irani Police Station for initial questioning. Irani Police Panchayat Secretary Amir Ali was taken to the Kailasahar court at 2 pm on Saturday.