Youth arrested with drug paraphernalia

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Agartala, Dec 29, 2022, By Our Correspondent


Agartala: Dec 29: Police are unable to take any strict action against the rampant drug corridors in Agartala city. There has been a lot of anger in the public mind due to the fact that the root of the drug trade was not caught because the police are constantly able to catch a handful of drug dealers. But Sadar Divisional Police is not getting any trace of Pandar involved in this. On Wednesday night, the police of Purba Police Station along with Sadar Sub-Divisional Police Officer are trying to make money in a drug business again.

On Wednesday night, the town managed to recover a huge quantity of brown sugar from the Pratapgarh area. A drug dealer named Suman Dev was arrested at the same time. Sadar Sub-Divisional Police Officer Ajay Kumar Das said on Wednesday that the OC of East Agartala Police Station received a tip-off that Suman Dev of Town Pratapgarh area has a large quantity of drug paraphernalia stored. Based on this news, a police team was formed. Then town Pratapgarh Ram Thakur girls school organization Suman Dev's house was surrounded. After surrounding the house, the police conducted a search operation at Suman Dev's house. During this search, 12 grams of brown sugar was recovered.

Suman Dev was arrested at the same time but Mithun Das alias Kalu who was with Suman Dev managed to escape from the spot. Kalu runs away leaving the brown sugar bowl he is carrying. The brown sugar cubes were recovered by the police. It is hoped that Suman Dev will be arrested and taken to the police station. Suman Dev hunted and brought this brown sugar to Agartala city for sale. Mithun Das alias Kalu has also said to supply this brown sugar. Suman Dev was handed over to the court by the police on Thursday requesting police remand. Besides, efforts are on to arrest the fugitive Mithun Das alias Kalu, said Sadar Divisional Police Officer. However, the question has started to arise in the public mind as to why the police is not able to arrest the main mastermind of this drug business in Agartala city even after conducting a regular operation for the last 6 months. And the police are not getting any trace of how drugs are entering Agartala city.

In fact, it is a failure, or the police raffa clause? However, the neglect of duty by the police is coming to the fore again and again. In order to please the Minister of Home Affairs, Sadar Sub-Divisional Police Officer Babura constantly came in front of the camera and framed common drug dealers. And those police officers can tell the rest of what is happening behind the camera. Because the police headquarters had issued a statement a few months ago saying that the main roads would be cordoned off at night to prevent crime in the city. Vehicles and people will be searched regularly. In fact, the public does not know whether that statement is a banal leaf or a guideline because nothing is happening in Agartala city. Crime is increasing. The police administration failed to stop.