BJP candidate Ramprasad Pal's strong campaigning in Anandnagar

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Agartala, Feb 01, 2023, By Our Correspondent

BJP candidate for Suryamaninagar Assembly Constituency Ram Prasad Pal campaigned house to house polling in Booth No. 26 Anandnagar area of the Assembly Constituency on Wednesday. Ramprasad Pal, BJP's candidate for Suryamaninagar Assembly Constituency, was campaigning in Booth No. 26 Anandnagar area on Wednesday and sought the blessings of the Gods. The people of the area said that they blessed him with their hands full Ramprasad Pal said while campaigning in the area during the last assembly elections, he promised the people of the area to create a safe and secure living environment by eliminating the anti-social gangster mafia in the area. He was able to fulfill that promise and the people of the area are now living happily and peacefully BJP candidate Ram Prasad Pal has promised that the environment of peace and harmony in the area will remain intact and people can live in an orderly environment in the coming days. He said careful attention will be kept so that no extortion can be done in the area Ramprasad Babu claimed that the BJP-led government has done various developmental works including the provision of Rs. People are very happy with that He expressed his firm belief that the Ganadevata will win him with a huge margin of votes in this election as well